Focusing on a better world – Health in focus at RaySearch

Humanity is always going to have one big challenge ahead of itself, health. While we can be happy as technology and medicine has reached where it is today there will always be a challenge of what we will face tomorrow, at the grace of companies such as RaySearch Laboratories we can stay secure that companies do everything they can to advance and better the treatment against the most difficult deceases on our planet at the moment and in foreseeable time.

Cancer – How we can and must face it

RaySearch Laboratories is one of the leading companies in the struggle in advancing cancer treatment and successfully so, at the edge is effective treatment planning. Better medicine and more effective radiation can help but one of the major aspects which helps the doctors today is to automative treatment planning. Simply put to be able focus on the most difficult patients while computers calculate the treatment for low-risk patients is making the positive outcome for patients raising greatly.

Loosing the connection patient – doctor?

While is may sound harsh to say automative treatment planning is about cutting the doctor from the patient, that is not the case. More so means the analysis a doctor have to do and getting quickly to decision and letting nurses doing the job means simply efficiency and raising the general outcome of patients surviving both lighter and more difficult forms of cancer.


VMAT planning makes it easier to decide the doses requirements. Optimizing the plan for each patient getting the right amount of treatment. Calculating down to seconds and not minutes of treatment. Together with optimized IMRT treatment planning the patient looking at significant higher possibilities of gaining a quicker and better return to a normal health.

Advancing cancer treatment is at the heart of RaySearch, brightening the future of thousand of patients. Make sure you read more about their continuing advancement.